What some of our students say about their CSPA experience.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life and definitely the best thing I could have done this summer.” — Allie Silvas, workshop 2011

“I have never had such a positive, entertaining, educational, informative and stimulating two weeks in my life.” — Ally Van Deuren, workshop 2010

“CSPA really allowed me to grow as a writer and a person. It was inspiring to be around people who have the same goals and interests as myself.” — Nicole Fisher, workshop 2009

“My experience was absolutely amazing … Journalism is more than just writing and exposes, but about responsibility to readers as well.” — Laura Nelson, workshop 2007

“I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to be immersed in such a fast paced, diverse and incredible 12 days of journalism.” — LiAnn Ishizuka, workshop 2007

“I’ll admit that I came into the workshop a little apprehensive about the intense workload, but after two weeks of nonstop writing and fun, I can definitely say that I wouldn’t trade my time with the CSPA family in San Luis Obispo for anything in the world.” — Camille Amparo, workshop 2007

“The skills I learned and the people I met are truly irreplaceable.” — Kelsey Wong, workshop 2007

“I met incredible people at CSPA, learned invaluable lessons, made unforgettable friends. I will never forget this experience.” — Kim Minugh, workshop 1998

“It definitely was a wonderful learning experience. The workshop re-affirmed my love for writing and journalism.” — Christine Byun, workshop 1998

“The workshop was the highlight of my high school years … The last memories, all the laughs, all of the wonderful friends I met and the things I learned about journalism … were invaluable.” — Anthony Lee, workshop 1998

“What a wonderful, confidence-building, learning experience I had at the workshop. I have never worked so hard and laughed so hard in my entire life.” — Alicia P. Ross, workshop 1997

“I learned more about journalism than I did in my entire year working for my school newspaper.” — Amy Marcoullier, workshop 1996

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first heard about the CSPA workshop, but now I wouldn’t trade those classes for anything … Every class was so unforgettable.” — Jennifer Chou, workshop 1995

“I never considered myself much of a writer, but I think the workshop gave me a chance to pull some writing blood out from within me.” — Thomas Lee, workshop 1995

“I don’t know how to possibly sum up my gratitude for giving me the most important two weeks of my life.” — Nicole Sunderland, workshop 1995

“I learned so much in the two weeks I spent at Cal Poly about writing, people skills, and what journalism is really like.” — Kerry Murray, workshop 1994

“I can count the workshop as one of the best experiences in my high school career.” — Ruth Kwan, workshop 1993

“It was probably the best-spent two weeks of my life, and everyone can use an experience like that.” — Stewart King, workshop 1993

“What made it so special was the earnest effort that comes through on the part of the instructors … the fact they wanted to be there teaching was inspirational.” — Rebecca Marshall, workshop 1990

“I found that I learned an immense amount about journalism in two short weeks … I would not trade the friendships or the memories I made there for anything.” — Crystie McIntyre, workshop 1988

Not only did I learn a lot about journalism and about myself, but I had a blast doing it.” — Adam Gold, workshop alumni

“Wow! I can’t believe we did and learned so much in only two weeks.” — Jennifer Daily, workshop alumni




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  1. Susan White Rademacher on July 7, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    I learned more than I could ever have imagined about journalism in two short weeks from my instructors and my classmates. It was an amazing experience.

    Susan White Rademacher – workshop alumni 1986

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