What some of our students say about their CSPA experience.

“Not only did I learn a lot about journalism and about myself, but I had a blast doing it.”

Adam Gold, workshop alumni

“What a wonderful, confidence-building, learning experience I had at the workshop. I have never worked so hard and laughed so hard in my entire life.”

Alicia P. Ross, workshop 1997

“It was one of the best experiences of my life and definitely the best thing I could have done this summer.”

Allie Silvas, workshop 2011

“I have never had such a positive, entertaining, educational, informative and stimulating two weeks in my life.”

Ally Van Deuren, workshop 2010

“I learned more about journalism than I did in my entire year working for my school newspaper.”

Amy Marcoullier, workshop 1996

“The workshop was the highlight of my high school years … The last memories, all the laughs, all of the wonderful friends I met and the things I learned about journalism … were invaluable.”

Anthony Lee, workshop 1998

“I’ll admit that I came into the workshop a little apprehensive about the intense workload, but after two weeks of nonstop writing and fun, I can definitely say that I wouldn’t trade my time with the CSPA family in San Luis Obispo for anything in the world.”

Camille Amparo, workshop 2007

“It definitely was a wonderful learning experience. The workshop re-affirmed my love for writing and journalism.”

Christine Byun, workshop 1998

“I found that I learned an immense amount about journalism in two short weeks … I would not trade the friendships or the memories I made there for anything.”

Crystie McIntyre, workshop 1988

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first heard about the CSPA workshop, but now I wouldn’t trade those classes for anything … Every class was so unforgettable.”

Jennifer Chou, workshop 1995

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  1. Susan White Rademacher says:

    I learned more than I could ever have imagined about journalism in two short weeks from my instructors and my classmates. It was an amazing experience.

    Susan White Rademacher – workshop alumni 1986


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