And they’re back! 71st CSPA opens at Cal Poly

The 2022 edition of the CSPA High School Journalism Workshop marks a return to in-person learning

A class of 20 students returned to the campus of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo after three years away for the start of the CSPA High School Journalism Workshop on July 16.

Coming from as far away as Humboldt County, students settled into the campus’ brick dorms, learned in a new classroom in the graphic arts building and enjoyed dinner at Vista Grande dining complex before an evening of ice breakers and social time.

Instructor Gwen Wu (formerly of The San Francisco Chronicle) kicked off the workshop classes with lede writing. The first assignment paid tribute to CSPA’s long history of fictional earthquakes rattling the Central Coast.

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the street of downtown San Luis Obispo, moving buildings and even the Cal Poly football stadium, late Saturday evening. At least five civilians were injured, said local law enforcement.

– Senji, 2022 student

The second day’s schedule includes newswriting, interviewing, profile writing and social media for newsgathering and classes from Wu, Meghan Bobrowsky (The Wall Street Journal) and Ellie Smith (Gannett/USA Today).

The workshop runs through July 24.

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