CSPA Blogger – Feb. 2012

Ralph and the Oscars Since this is the time of the year when the Oscars are in the news, let’s talk about the CSPA’s Academy Awards winners. Or, more specifically, the Oscar winners who began as high school members of the Scholastic Sports Association, the predecessor to the CSPA. FRED ROOS (Hollywood High, 1952) wentContinue reading “CSPA Blogger – Feb. 2012”

CSPA continues six-decade partnership with Cal Poly

The story of the California Scholastic Press Association journalism workshop was shared on the Cal Poly website. Said Cal Poly journalism professor Bill Loving: “This program shows why journalism will always be a vital part of society.” To read the complete story, visit Cal Poly’s website.

Celebrate 60 years of CSPA

Did you stay in Heron Hall? Lassen Hall? Walk to the theatre with Ralph? Lose to Larry in softball? Spend 13 days eating Poly burgers? Cover the Glenn Ellis O’Conner trial? If you attended the CSPA (or SSA/IPA) Workshop or volunteered as an instructor, you’re part of the family, part of six decades’ worth of memoriesContinue reading “Celebrate 60 years of CSPA”